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It is easy...just place an order 
or purchase SOH (SCRIP on Hand).

Download SGS Scrip Forms (PDF):  
  - Scrip Order Form (pink form)
  - Scrip on Hand Form  (white form)

Welcome to the St. George School SCRIP Program Webpage. This program provides much needed financial support to our school. Many thanks to all the families and vendors that participate. Without you this program would not be the success it is!

St. George splits the profits earned through SCRIP with the families by applying it to their Special Donation.

Every little bit get out there and buy your SCRIP and get someone else to buy it also!

Volunteers are needed to sell SCRIP during the SCRIP ON HAND sales.


Monday - Friday

8am-3pm       Rectory/Bernice
Friday 7am-9am   Church Basement/Cafeteria
(when school is in session)
Fish Fry Fridays  3pm-6:30pm   Church Basement/Cafeteria
Saturday/Sunday After all Masses
(when a seller is available)

For questions about the St. George SCRIP Program:
Please contact Jessica Walkenbach at (573) 486-5914 or by email at:

 You now have the option of ordering online.
1. Your enrollment code is 31D8F9B612418
2. Go to and click on "Create Account."
3. Fill in all required information and click "I Accept."
4. Choose two challenge questions from the list and provide answers.

Once the online account has been created, you will have the choice of payment options.
For additional information, there is a tutorial on the webpage you can access.

Merchants interested in participating in our SCRIP program